The history of blinds dates back to ancient Near East times when the Harem masters used similar shadowing techniques to guard the privacy of female chambers. They wanted to see outside, but they did not want to be seen. Venetian blinds, as we know them today, have been used for many centuries, but only in the early 19th-century the French cabinetmaker Cochot has patented blinds with adjustable slats.

Wood as a material has very favourable thermophysical properties. It has a much lower coefficient of thermal conductivity than, for example, aluminium. This feature of wooden blinds prevents the interior of overheating. For centuries, wood has been used for blinds production. We maintain and follow up this tradition and use only high-quality wood for our products. We finish the surface of our products only to extend the life of the selected wood. Each slat is hand-grinded and varnished multiple times. Client needs are our priority and we are able to produce blinds according to your wishes. As our client, you can choose from several wood types from which we will tailor your final blinds.

Manipulation with our blinds can be manual or motorized version. With manual handling, the position of the slats can be adjusted simply and effortlessly. Motorized blinds can be controlled by remote control, smartphone, or can be synchronised with an intelligent household system. Automatically controlled shading system brings significant savings for cooling and heating of buildings.

The natural features and beauty of the wood can create a pleasant atmosphere in any space. Wood is a living material and every slat that passes through our hands is unique. One would not be able to find two slats with the same drawing. Wood is a living element that is indefinite as life itself. It acts as the opposite of cold, precision and measurability of metal, plastic or concrete. We are trying to bring a piece of nature into your interior.

Wood types:            Basswood, Oak, Ash, Ebony, Mahagon, Teak and more                                                        Slat width:                            50 MM

Colour design:        according to the RAL sampler                                                                                                  Manipulation type:              Manual / Motorized








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